Thursday, December 22, 2011

heading home for the holidays

A couple months ago I feared that I wouldn't make it home for Christmas. Flights are so expensive this year and I haven't adjusted to the fact that I live farther away from the Midwest again. When I lived in Chicago and flew home to Minnesota via the Minneapolis airport (which is one of the best airports, in my opinion), there were tens of flight options every day and they were all around a hundred dollars. The trip for two from San Francisco--ten times that. Ugh. I have never missed Christmas in Minnesota before, and although I know it will happen someday I'm just not ready yet. BUT my husband, thank goodness, has been earning airline miles in every way possible since he could carry a credit card, and he stockpiled them for a rainy--or snowy--day. And somehow we were actually able to find a flight that allowed us to use miles for the holidays. It was meant to be. I will be home for the holidays once again.

As I pack my things so everything is in line for our morning departure (no later than 4:30am), I want to wish you all the very merriest of holidays. And as you are surrounded by friends and family, you should try this wonderful, but addicting snack that was featured in the winter issue of Sweet Paul. It's divine.

May your holidays be filled with good food, great friends, and more love than ever. Happy Holidays!

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